Hello, I'm Jibran Khalil. I love solving common problems using technology. I started building websites in 7th grade using PHP and mySQL; a few years later, I started making iPhone apps. My first app was Peeko, an anonymous based social network focused on authentic conversations. Soon, I developed Scan To Sheets, a scanning app integrated with the Google Sheets API allowing teachers to easily take attendance; it's now used in over 60 countries. In my free time, I love to play basketball, write stories, and read Quora. I hope to continue learning new technologies so I can tackle whatever problems we, as a society, face.

Anonymous conversations with friends

Peeko is a platform for authentic conversations with your friends. Everything is anonymous — or so it seems. Developed with Swift, Firebase, and Node.js.

Peeko, In Depth

Peeko background, overview, and technology

  • Background

    As a highschool student, I noticed social networking was becoming more and more inauthentic. My friends were posting to seek attention, garner likes, and advertise how perfect their lives were. Social media was intended for communication, and it had instead devolved into a depressing bubble filled with falsified, filtered images. So, I decided to develop Peeko, a platform for authenticity through anonymous conversations with your friends about the topics that are really on your mind.


    Peeko allows users to add friends and post topics anonymously about whatever is on their mind; all their friends can see the topic, but no one will know it's them. If the topic gets enough "peeks", the user's identity will be revealed. Otherwise, the topic will disappear after 6, 12, or 24 hours. Friends can start conversations with the topic, anonymously; if the topic is revealed, both users in the conversation will have their identity revealed. The algorithm to determine how many peeks a post needs to get revealed is based off a percentage of total friends and total active friends.


    Peeko was built using Swift, Firebase, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud Functions written in node.js. Google Cloud Functions are used in multiple ways, such as to delete old posts (this function is run every minute), append information to a revealed post, report users, etc. Caching is used to store friend lists, messages, and images. Google Cloud Storage is used to store profile images and user posted images. Peeko includes a custom UI, logic to ensure syncing between cached data and new data, key based backend encryption (for identities in conversations), and a sign-up flow. Peeko is my largest project to date, and development took 1.5 years.

Scan To Sheets:
Attendance, scanning, and tracking for Google Sheets

iOS app using Google Sheets API to upload barcodes to Google Sheet. Downloaded over 5000 times and in over 60 countries.

Scan to Sheets, In Depth

Scan to Sheets background, overview, and technology

  • Background / Overview

    In Mu Alpha Theta, a club I was a part of in high school, taking attendance at the end of meetings would take over ten minutes. So, I made Scan To Sheets; it allowed officers to simply scan a student's ID and have their information instantly uploaded to a Google Sheet. Scan To Sheets began expanding rapidly; at first, other clubs in my highschool began using it. Soon after, schools within the district started incorporating the app, and, within a few months, people — specifically teachers — in over 60 countries had started using the app for attendance. After releasing an update allowing users to scan two barcodes at the same time, more teachers in our district began using the app to check out Apple Pencils to students. What started as an app for a school club had expanded globally.


    Scan To Sheets was developed in Swift and uses the Google Sheets API to upload barcodes and QR codes instantaneously to a Google Sheet.

A machine learning based assistant to help you improve your stuttering

Detects stuttering in real time to alert users when they stutter, displaying weekly progress.
Built with a team during HackTX 2019.

Stutterless, In Depth

Stutterless Background

  • Background

    During HackTX 2019, our team wanted to build something that could actually help users. We decided to build an app to help people who stutter; collecting data, however, posed a challenge, as there wasn't much data to train our model by. We had to work to create our own. I was responsibile for devloping the app and working on the machine learning model built in CreateML.

Technology Skills

Languages and Databases

  • Swift

    Developing in Swift for over two years. Creator of multiple apps with extensive functionality.

  • Java

    Experience with Java programming and data structures.

  • Firebase / noSQL

    Extensive experience with data denormalization, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Firetore, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud Functions.

  • HTML / CSS / Wordpress

    Knowledge in developing websites from scratch. Managed Wordpress website for Masjid Al-Noor (IALFM).